About The Book


Dear Reader,

Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound positive. Let’s try:

Dear Readers: (Now, that’s better)

Laugh and wonder along as the author depicts the little known thrills, fears, and antics of the many interesting people met and/or discussed at upscale urban watering holes including:

The British Royal Family, The Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, Howard Hughes, Henry Kissinger, Frank Sinatra, George “Baby” Gerber, Marlon Brando, Orson Wells, Superman George Reeves, Don King, DeBeer’s Diamond Mafia, Gambino’s Other Mafia, NFL, Mickey Mantle, Charley Finley, Gov. Edwin Edwards, Leona Helmsley, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Mae West, Errol Flynn, Albert Einstein, Blimpie’s, Vidal Sassoon, Roman Polanski, Director Elia Kazan, Goodfella Henry Hill, Jacques Cousteau, Broadway Joe Namath, New England Patriots, King Edward VIII, Wallis Simpson, Aristotle Onassis, Moroccan Royal Family…...and really, really funny guys and babes.

Also included is the history and trivia of wine and spirits, along with cocktail or happy hour trivia, toasts and quotes. This true life story collection is destined to be loved by the rich and famous, the not-so-rich and obscure, and everyone in between.



Anyone who:

 1. knows the REAL STORY is getting through life amused and unscathed. 

 2. has ever enjoyed someone else’s life story in a winery, bar, lounge, or pub. 

 3. needs to pilfer someone else’s life story to appear more interesting. 

 4. has ever tried – and failed (or won) at anything interesting.

 5. is addicted to talk shows, and thinks that he (or she) could be a better host. 

 6. eagerly followed the Clinton, Weinstein, Lauer, etc., womanizing sagas. 

 7. believes the government’s various stimulus and bail-out fiascos were, well, fiascos. 

 8. knows a prisoner or mental patient who has lost his (or her) game room or TV privileges. 

 9. believes that wine drinkers are very, very attractive as they sniff, slosh, and taste wines. 

 10. wants to use this book as a drink coaster that does much more than “coast."